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Experience immediate anxiety and stress reduction, leading to better quality sleep.


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Total Time 34:06 - Non Subliminal

"Sky Feather" combines specialized, original music with guided imagery.

This audio download is filled with positive suggestions to promote immediate anxiety and stress reduction. Sky Feather also helps to improve emotional and mental health, which leads to a much better quality of sleep. 

There is nothing like feeling rejuvenated and well rested, relaxed, positive, thankful, healthy and confident to begin each day.  The content on Sky Feather is exceptionally unique and has been shown to be consistently effective for those who listen as recommended.

When listened to nightly at bedtime, you will begin to notice the wonderful benefits within the very first day or two. The full benefits occur during the first two weeks then become long-lasting when listened to for thirty consecutive nights. 

This is self-improvement audio and not intended or recommended to treat or replace any type of mental or physical health condition.