Weight Loss

Scott, Thank you for helping me find the strength within.  I have been struggling for a long time with my weight, and I tried different diets and diet pills, I would lose some weight, then gain it right back plus. I had developed some very bad habits consisted of snacking late at night.  (A large snack that could be equated to a fourth meal). Constantly eating in my car, was out of control because on my way to where ever, I would hit the drive thru and pick up a little something to hold me over.  (These little somethings consisted of the infamous #1, #2, and whatever number you want to substitute)  I realized that I was basically grazing the entire time I was awake.

I figured I had two options, hypnosis or surgery.  I was afraid having surgery, and found you. On the way to my first session with you, I was planning to hit the White Castle. I realize now just how sad this really was. Instead, I picked up a salad at the diner.

Things changed the very next day! I hit Starbucks, and almost spit out the first sip. It tasted like medicine.  I figured they did not put enough sugar or cream in it and I would add more when I arrived at the office. No matter what I did, I couldn’t drink it and have not been back since.  That evening, I did not stop and get something to hold me over until dinner, and I did not have a snack, or want a snack. These new habits continue. There is no pull, no aimlessly looking for something or just grabbing whatever is available.

There have been times when I thought about something because I saw it in the pantry, or the fridge, but as soon as the thought enters my mind it leaves it. And now it is just a thought as opposed to a strong uncontrollable want or desire. You suggested not stepping on a scale for the first 30 days. When I did, I was down 10 pounds! I lost 10 pounds in one month without being on a diet, without feeling deprived, and without eating rabbit food.  I am now in my second month, and I know I have lost more weight, because of how my clothes are fitting, but I am not stepping on the scale until January 1st. I am actually looking forward to it and not worried. It seems as if someone flipped a switch and my bad behaviors have been eliminated. The best way to describe it is this: “I feel that I am in complete control, while not putting forth any effort”.- Sincerely, - Lori Anne 

12 Year Old With OCD

My 12 year old son, Michael, suffers from anxiety, OCD and went years without getting a full night’s sleep.  He would have difficulty falling asleep due to fear and OCD “habits” and would wake multiple times during the night.  This greatly affected his mood and his school work.

I brought Michael to Scott Lea after years of trying every other option available from doctors to psychotherapists and even trying neuro feedback.  Michael saw Scott for 4 hypnosis sessions and listens to the hypnosis CD’s every night.

It has been 3 months since his first session, and I am extremely happy to say that Michael is now consistently sleeping through the night!  His daily anxiety has almost diminished and the OCD “habits” are pretty much gone!

I never thought I would see this day!  Scott works very well with children and Michael was very comfortable and really enjoyed his time with him.  We are both extremely happy with the results and we’re so very thankful!    - Debbie Petruccelli

Anxiety & Depression

Scott,  I wanted to take the time out to thank you once again for the amazing results I have achieved with your guidance.  Hypnosis has given me a whole new way of thinking towards my future and my life!

As you know, I had suffered from anxiety and depression for many years and I had tried everything.  I was beginning to think that I was just going to be like this for the rest of my life and that I was to just deal with it.

I had spent many years going to therapists and doctors with little or no results.  I would be put on one medication after another.

After my sessions with you, I am happy to say that I have not had an anxiety attack or a need for medication for several months.  I no longer feel on edge or anxious all the time. I am able to obtain my goals without the obstacles that once held me back.  I feel that I am able to deal with life instead of fearing what is around the corner.  Thank you very much.  - Jason

Arthritis Pain & Depression

Scott - This is to advise you how very pleased I am with the progress I have made since coming to see you.  For the past two weeks I no longer take Lexapro for depression.  It has been about ten days since I stopped taking Bextra for my arthritis.  I now get pain relief from Tylenol which I need very seldom.

In addition, I have made strides in weight reduction.  I no longer find it necessary to take any form of appetite suppressants.  Again, I am well pleased with my progress. -Yours truly, Richard Mohr

Back Pain & Cramps

I want to take the time to thank Scott Lea for the incredible amount of help he gave me. I was very skeptical at first and almost backed out as I've never gone under hypnosis before. I was wrong, and I can wholeheartedly attest just how much hypnosis really does work. I had suffered with severe menstrual cramps along with back pain for many, many years, and Mr. Lea was my last chance for help before I visited the pharma route.

I can't say enough how great of an experience my first session was. It was almost as though my pain was washed away during that time with Mr. Lea. Not only did he prove to be a solid hynotherapist, but his true professionalism made me feel very comfortable during the session. This was very important for me and I had nothing but a truly wonderful experience. I put my trust in him completely and am extremely thankful for the help he has provided me. Thank you Scott Lea! You DO provide wonders!-Barbara

18 Year Old With Depression & Anxiety

Scott Lea is an incredible man. I went to see him for hypnotherapy sessions, it’s only been a couple of weeks and he has already impacted my life in a profound, positive direction.

This guy has been more than what I could ever expect from any kind of therapist, doctor, teacher you name it.He has been supportive, comforting, caring, and genuinely active in helping me with depression and anxiety. I’ve reached points in my life where everything seems dark, like there’s no way out, and overall just hopeless, as if there is nothing anybody could say or do to get me out of whatever it was I was feeling.

But, Scott has helped me overcome those obstacles because he has been through it himself. He understands me, and plenty of other people out there who are struggling with similar issues. He is extremely smart, has extensive knowledge about the mind and religion, and through that knowledge and his experience, I know for a fact that he knows what he’s talking about and trust him to do the best for me.

He’s already got me thinking more positive and all it takes is the will and desire to get better to allow Scott to work his God given ability into your life. He is an awesome guy and I’m very thankful that he is in my life now.  -Chris Gomez

Weight Loss & Confidence

Dear Scott, The hypnosis sessions that you provided me have completely changed my life, not only in my weight loss success, but, in my day to day living.  My attitude and new acquired confidence has not only been felt by myself, but, my family and friends have also seen the physical and mental changes that your sessions have provided.

My past efforts in weight loss were short lived and mentally stressful. Your sessions have helped me find the reasons for my weight gain, and turn them around so that I have a clear vision of what is needed to be done for total success.  It is amazing what my subconscious mind delivers to me daily allowing me the ability to further my success in weight loss. In the past my conscious mind would always get in my way, therefore not allowing any success in weight loss. 

“Gaining” used to be a word that I never wanted to hear.  But what I have gained in my sessions with you is a new outlook on food, life and my ability to do what is needed for complete success and happiness.  I want to share my success with everyone, because feeling this good is something all should hear.  I cannot express enough thanks to you for your understanding, your caring heart and your extreme expertise in hypnotherapy.  You have made it possible for me to live again.

-Sincerely yours, Ellen J. Smith